Jack Harrington, EdD

Assistant Professor

Office Location: Dunham Hall 228
Phone Number: 630-844-4894
Email Address: jharring@aurora.edu

Teaching Philosophy
In addition to a Doctorate in Education (EdD) and Master in Business Administration (MBA), I bring to the classroom 40 plus years of practical experience in both domestic and global business management. My classroom agenda includes a strong emphasis on the practical analytical skills necessary to succeed in the current business environment. The student is expected to build on the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and reasoning expanded to develop strategic business acumen, creativity, critical thinking, strong presentation skills, citizenship and integrity. Of course, learning should be a challenge therefore there is also a good dose of mental discomfort (cognitive dissonance) sprinkled along the way. Nevertheless, education requires a collaborative environment between teacher and student, and the student must be allowed to learn according to his/her learning style. It is my responsibility to encourage student to think independent of outside influences and amplify and elevate thought patterns to new and exciting ways to participate in both business and life; from the hum drum and trivial of everyday business processes to a world of a magic and marvelous discovery.

EdD - Benedictine University
MBA - University of Northern Colorado
BS, Business Administration - University of Denver
Certificate in Distributive Education - Colorado State Board of Community Colleges
International Documentation Specialist - American Society of International Executives
Certificate in Foreign Transportation and Port Operations - Tulane University
Certificate in Physical Distribution Technology - Michigan State University
Survey of International Business - University of South Carolina
International Financial Management - University of South Carolina

Areas of Specialization
Business Management Fundamentals
Global Business Operations
International Business Management
Operations Management

Courses Taught
Fundamentals of Management
Principles of Management
Operations Management
International Business
Global Immersion
Global Justice
Business Strategy
Servant Leadership

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Major Business Publications
An intervention to Develop Best Practice for Industrial Career Development; Power Transmission Distributors Association/Benedictine University, 2009

“South America Market Brief” Bando USA 2006

Brazil/South America Market Overview; Bando Chemical Industries 2005

“Quality Alert Series”; biweekly informational sales, technical and customer service Bando American Inc. Itasca Illinois 1992-2000

“Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes”; Course materials, manual and presentation development for customer service seminars nations wide.  Bando American Inc. Itasca Illinois 1990 - 1993

“Bando American “Strategic Plan”; Co-author with President and Chief Financial Officer.Bando Chemical Industries, Itasca Illinois 2000

“Bando Manufacturing of America, Reorganization Plan”; Co-author with President and Chief Financial Officer, Bando Chemical Industries Itasca Illinois 2004

Major Current Presentations
“The Strategies of International Business” University of South Carolina, Darla School of Business 2013

“Best Practice for Industrial Distribution Career Development” Power Transmission Distributors Association, Chicago 2009

“Best Practice for Industrial Distribution Career Development” Benedictine University 2009

“The Bando Promise- An introduction of Bando Products in Argentina” Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, Buenos Aires Argentina 2006

“Bando in the 21st Century, Automotive Excellence” Expocanaidra Automotive Show, Formal Presentation, Caracas Venezuela 2006

“A World of Difference” Laramotriz Automotive Show, Formal Presentation, Barquismeto Venezuela 2004

“Bando in the 21st Century” 2004 Importaciones Casa Ruben Trade Show, San Jose Costa Rica 2004

“Tri-Power-Bando Partnership in the 21st Century Tri-Power Industrial Sales Meeting, Sao Paulo Brazil 2003

“ Gohner-Bando Partnership in the Automotive Aftermarket” Gohner Industries Planning and Development Meeting, Monterrey Mexico 2003

Major Research
“Skill Set and Curriculum Development Task Force”. Power Transmission Distributors Association.2006 - 2008
“Office and Warehouse development in Argentina”,Bando Chemical Industries 2005-2008
“The Ramifications of committing time and funds to a sales and marketing initiative in South American” Bando Chemical Industries.1998-2000

Additional Reserach Initiatives
Bando Sales to Mexico
Bando Sourcing from Europe
Whirlpool Kitchens Private Trucking Operations/Commercial Carrier Comparison
Gates International Division Freight Cost Analysis and Recommendations.

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Faculty Advisor to the “Global Leadership Organization”
Faculty Sponsor for the Student delegates to the North American Modal United Nations
Open House and Visit Days
No events scheduled at this time.