Learning Outcomes — Bilingual-ESL Endorsement

Students who complete the Bilingual/ESL endorsement(s) coursework at Aurora University will be able to:

  • Apply principles, theories, and linguistic structures to facilitate learning English as a second language as well as learning subject matter concepts in a second language.
  • Select, administer and interpret measurement instruments to assess ELL students language proficiency and academic development in both, English and students' first languages (when possible).
  • Identify, select and use a variety of effective instructional practices to provide learning experiences that make content comprehensible to ELL students at different levels of English proficiency.
  • Incorporate ELL students' home languages, cultures, and approaches to learning in the design, planning and implementation of multicultural classroom learning communities.
  • Continually evaluate how his/her own philosophy, culture, and experiences impact the instruction of culturally and linguistically diverse students to seek opportunities to grow as a competent ELL teacher.

(Based on ISBE Professional Standards for Teachers of English as a New Language - 27.420)

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