Aurora University

Meet the Center for Student Success Staff

Meet the student success advisors helping you get on the path to success!

Our advisors work with students to help them make the transition to college life and prepare for successful futures.

Each advisor brings a diversity of experiences and also has a working knowledge of the university.

Please feel free to contact these advisors should you have any questions about academic planning, vocational exploration, or career development, or the university in general.


Chuck Franco
Chuck Franco

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-6857
Email: cfranco@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, English Education, Illinois State University
MS, Northern Illinois University

Katie Hardin
Katie Hardin

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5241
Email: khardin@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Public Policy, Environmental Studies, College of William & Mary
MS, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Luke Kerber
Luke Kerber

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5619
Email: lkerber@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, History, North Central College
MBA, Aurora University


Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5240
Email: mmartinez@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Communication, Women's Studies, Denison University
MEd, University of South Florida

Kerby Mickelson
Kerby Mickelson

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5139
Email: kmickelson@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Elementary Education, Aurora University
MLD, North Central College

Tory Nair
Tory Nair

Director of Career Services/Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5404
Email: tnair@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Psychology, North Central College
MS, Clinical Psychology, Benedictine University


Penny Petropoul
Penny Petropoul

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5629
Email: ppetropoul@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, History, University of Chicago

Chelsea Stephens
Chelsea Stephens

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-4624
Email: cstephens@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Psychology, French, Southern Methodist University
MSW, University of South Carolina

Alissa Struck
Alissa Struck

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5146
Email: astruck@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Human Resource Management, Lewis University
BS, Business Administration, Lewis University
MBA, Lewis University

Caley Thanepohn
Caley Thanepohn

Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-4935
Email: cthanepohn@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Psychology, Northern Illinois University
MSEd, Northern Illinois University

Kendra Trudo
Kendra Trudo

Director of Academic Advising/Student Success Advisor Phone: 630-844-5413
Email: ktrudo@aurora.eduEducation:
BS, Fitness and Health Promotion, Aurora University
MSE, University of Dayton

Brynn Landwehr
Brynn Landwehr Speh

Dean of Student Success Phone: 630-844-7861
Email: bspeh@aurora.eduEducation:
BA, Business Administration, Aurora University
MA, Lewis University