Service Programming

Service Day

The Wackerlin Center is Aurora University's volunteering and service platform. Here, students can find volunteer opportunities and also engage with other peers and the community. The center helps students grow and serve others, and provides opportunities for them to work with people from various fields.

By providing opportunities for service, we hope to embed the historic Aurora College values of character (habits of heart) and scholarship (habits of mind) into the educational experience of all students.

Morning of Service

Once a semester on a Saturday morning, the Wackerlin Center hosts a Morning of Service that invites students, faculty, and staff to volunteer on a service project around the local Aurora area. More than 15 sites around Aurora partner with the Wackerlin Center, ranging from volunteering at nonprofits to cleaning up local neighbors’ yards to helping stock shelves at a food pantry. The Morning of Service has grown into a special tradition here at AU that often sees hundreds of students volunteer each semester in order to help live out our mission of serving the community around us.