Aurora University

Leadership Programming

At the heart of leadership is the ability to recognize the needs of others around you and best work to serve those needs. The Wackerlin Center provides numerous programming based in the servant leadership principles of stewardship and character, as well as built around experiential learning platforms so that students are actively working at becoming decidedly-different leaders ready to shape the world.

LEAD Program

Aurora University’s Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program is an experiential leadership cohort designed to teach basic leadership principles to students through both co-curricular activities and teaching forums. Students in the LEAD program benefit from having an opportunity to explore their own leadership potential in a supportive environment, while being taught practical leadership skills outside the classroom experience – and then having the chance to teach these principles to peer students as well as high school students.

LEAD is comprised of two tiers:

TIER 1: Composed of freshmen and sophomore students who participate in a series of speaker workshops on topics such as leadership styles, power and authority, and moral leadership. Freshmen also participate in a leadership conference organized and led by the sophomore LEAD students.

TIER 2: Composed of juniors and senior students who continue building their own leadership skills, but focus primarily on organizing a leadership summit for local high school students on a specific leadership topic.

Each cohort is limited in space. Students interested in joining the LEAD program can apply by contacting the program’s director, Amir St. Clair, at