Medical Excuse Policy

The primary goal of the Wellness Center is to actively support the academic mission of the university by providing nurse-directed clinical and prevention services to reduce health-related barriers to student learning.  The staff of the Wellness Center supports and encourages class attendance and considers class attendance as an administrative matter between faculty and students.  Ultimately students are responsible for making decisions that balance their academic and health needs. 

The Wellness Center encourages and supports class attendance through the implementation of the following: 

  • Students will be seen in the Wellness Center, when possible, at times that do not conflict with student's class schedule.
  • Students will be encouraged to make responsible decisions about class attendance during times of illness or injury, based on consultation with their instructor, class attendance policies and student's consideration of their status towards recovery.
  • Medical excuses or "notes" excusing students from class are not provided by the Wellness Center.  However all students seen in the Wellness Center receive written instructions outlining our nursing recommendations for management of their current health conditions.  Students can then choose to share this written information with their instructor if desired.  
  • In rare situations where the nature of the illness or injury is such that the Wellness Center staff recommend that the student leave campus, be transported to the hospital, or return home for respite or specialized care, staff will obtain permission from the student to send an email notification to the Registrar's Office alerting them to students impending absence from class.  The Registrar's Office will then be asked to forward this information to the student's instructors.  
  • Students are encouraged by staff to contact their instructors as soon as possible, in the event they cannot attend class, to inform of absence and make arrangements for missed course work.
  • Students with special academic needs or performance issues resulting from a chronic medical condition or an unexpected health condition will be referred to the Disability Resource Office for further academic support.  

Special Note on Febrile Illness form the CDC:
The Wellness Center, following recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), educates students with fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) to not attend class, practice or any large gathering until they have been fever-free for a period of 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine.  A significant number of students with fever will be able to manage and recover from their fever and symptoms without seeking assistance from a healthcare provider.  Faculty is encouraged to take this under consideration when requesting physician notes from students who are sick with febrile illness.