2018 AU Vaccination Clinic


 2018 Flu Vaccination Locations and Information 

It's the time of year to consider getting a flu shot.  The CDC recomends that everyone 6 months of age and older receive a flu shot annually.  You can obtain a flu shot without an appointment at any of the local pharmacies near campus.  As an added bonus a number of facilites provide added incentives to your for choosing to get your flu shot at their facility.  Please utilize the list below when selecting where to go. 

Please note, most if not all insurance carriers cover the cost associated with getting a flu shot.  However if your insurance is an HMO it is best to consider obtaining the shot at your Primary Care Physician's office for maximum finacial benefit. 

Local Pharmacies

  1. Walgreens Pharmacy (22 N. Constitution, Aurora, IL 60506) 
    FLU SHOT INCENTIVE:  "Get a Shot, Give a Shot!"  The Department of Health and Human Services will vaccinate a child in a developing country with each vaccine given at Walgreens. 
  2. Jewel Osco Pharmacy (1952 W. Galena Blvd., Aurora, IL 60506)
    FlU SHOT INCENTIVE:  10% off your next grocery purchase when you get your shot at Jewel/Osco
  3. Target/CVS Pharmacy (1800 Orchard Gateway Blvd.Aurora, IL 60596)
    FLU SHOT INCENTIVE:  $5 gift card off your next $25 purchase at Target
  4. Meijer Pharmacy (2700 Route 34, Oswego, IL 60543)
    FLU SHOT INCENTIVE:  $5 donated to Simply Give (to feed a local family)
  5. Walmart Pharmacy (2000 Orchard Rd., Montgomery, IL 60538)
    FLU SHOT INCENTIVE:  None listed currently

For additional locations check out the CDC's Flu Vaccine Finder link