10 Minute Stress Relief Breaks

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Relaxing with Arts & Crafts

Stop in to the Wellness Center to play with Play-Doh, create a Zentangle or try your hand at Origami.   While these may not be top on your list as "stress relief" activites,  all have the potential to lower your stress level and improve your mood.  

  • Play-Doh:  Simply rolling and squeezing Play-Doh in your hands can be very soothing and help to relieve physical tension. 
  • Zentangle:  Often refered to as "structured doodling", involves drawing random lines on a small piece of paper and then filling in each of the different sections with repeated doodled patterns.  You will be amazed by your finished product!
  • Origami:  The technique of folding paper is an excellent cross-brain activity, which involves activation of both your right and left brain hemispheres.  Stimulation of both areas can help improve memory, focus, visual development and motor skills.  Seeing a project through from start to completion can be just the motivation you need to tackle your growing "to-do" list. 

Relaxing Visuals

Build your own kaleidoscope

  • Take your mind off of your stress by dragging colorful shapes into a circle. The image cycles automatically creating a relaxing kaleidoscope display. You will wonder if you have more fun viewing or creating the kaleidoscope.

Create your own mandala

  • If you have never tried "coloring" on a computer, now is your chance.  Simply click on the above link to get started. 

Relaxing Sounds

Rockabye Baby Lullaby's

  • Lullaby renditions of all time favorite rock bands. Think Coldplay, The Beatles, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, U2 and more… While it is marketed for relaxing babies, the music can definitely be enjoyed by all!