Aurora University

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 2 June 2020

Revised academic calendar announced for fall 2020 semester.

2 June 2020
COVID-19 Advisory 24.0

A message from Dr. Rebecca Sherrick:

I write to share news on the 2020 fall semester academic calendar. The response of students and parents to our recent survey was instrumental in shaping our thinking. The vast majority indicated a desire to be on campus in the fall, but also to be safe. As the first step in our effort to fulfill these expectations, we took a close look at the academic calendar. With this message, I am announcing our instructional schedule:

  • Classes will begin as scheduled on 24 August 2020. Though many will be delivered in carefully sized face-to-face settings on campus, some larger sections likely will still rely upon Zoom. In other words, we will offer the best of both worlds!
  • Experts tell us that it is important to limit off-campus travel if we are to avoid increased cases on campus. Many also suggest that there will be a spike in the number of cases nationally as the weather grows colder. With these admonitions in mind, the fall class schedule calls for campus-based instruction to end at noon on 25 November 2020. Classes will meet on Labor Day. The Fall Break also will be canceled. Our purpose is to maximize learning time. We specifically chose not to extend beyond our existing class schedule. For example, we will not do weekend-based instruction unless already arranged.
  • The university will rely upon Zoom to deliver a final week of instruction, likely focused heavily on preparation for final projects or final examinations. Final exam week will take place as scheduled (7–12) December via remote delivery.
  • In some instances, students will conclude off-campus learning experiences by Thanksgiving. Other off-campus learning experiences may extend beyond Thanksgiving in order to fulfill the requirements of external agencies and organizations.

Our goal is to create a fall learning experience that blends the best of AU with the best of safety. A number of other institutions of higher learning, including University of Notre Dame, Lewis University, Wheaton College, and Carroll University, have adopted similar schedules.

Below please find more details on the schedule:

Aug. 24: Fall Semester Classes Begin

Nov. 25: Campus-based instruction ends at noon

Nov. 26–29: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30–Dec. 5: Review Week (done via remote instruction)

Dec. 7–12: Final Exams (administered remotely)

Please contact the university’s chief academic officer, Dr. Frank Buscher, with any questions you may have at or 630-844-5252.