Aurora University

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 27 March 2020

  • Early summer courses originally offered on-ground will be offered via remote instruction.
  • We are offering an expanded list of select classes.
  • Continuing on-ground undergraduate students may take one select summer class for free.
  • Sunday 29 March remains the last day to withdraw from a 16-week spring course. If you have extenuating circumstances due to COVID-19, contact your dean to request an extension.

27 March 2020
COVID-19 Advisory 14.0

At Aurora University, we believe in the “transformative power of learning.” We are dedicated to making it possible for each student, regardless of life circumstances, to realize full educational potential. We are committed to ensuring that our students continue to make academic progress during these uncertain times.

Our lives likely will continue to be uncertain, even as we look forward to the conclusion of the 2020 spring semester. We’d like to help you continue to progress toward your AU degree. And so we are announcing today an opportunity for you to take a free summer I course from among those on the “select list.”

Toward this goal, we have made changes to the early summer course schedule as follows:

  • Courses offered during the first half of summer 2020 (ending by June 27) that were originally offered on-ground will now be offered via remote instruction.
  • We are offering an expanded list of select early summer classes the schedule that was previously announced. These select classes will also be offered in a remote format.
  • Continuing on-ground AU undergraduate students (including Aurora, Woodstock, and GWC students) may take one select early summer class for free. This includes May Term, Summer Module I 2020 – 8-week or Summer Term I 2020 – 5-week.
  • Undergraduate students may take additional select summer classes at a cost of $725 per class.

Please go to WebAdvisor to view the full list of available select classes (noted as “AUAdvantage”) and register for summer classes, or contact your advisor for more information.