Aurora University

Mail Center Requisition Instructions

Account Number - Please enter the account number to be charged for the supplies you are ordering.

Department Name - Please include the department the supplies are to be charged and delivered to.

Date of Request - Please enter the date of your request (the date it is sent to the Mail Centerm).

Date Supplies Needed - Let us know the date you need the supplies. Please keep in mind that supplies are no longer ordered on a daily basis. We have been asked to keep to a minimum of $75 per order. Supplies are delivered the day after they are ordered (if merchandise is in stock - will need to request expected delivery date for special orders) but usually not until the afternoon. Please consider this when planning your needs. Supplies that are regularly used (i.e. tape, staples, paper clips, note pads, some toner cartridges) are kept in stock in the Mail Center and may not need to be ordered.

Name of Person Requesting - Please include the name of the person requesting the supplies.

Extension - Please include the extension of the person requesting the supplies (just in case there are questions).

Vendor Catalog - Please include the name of the vendor (i.e. Office Depot) from whose catalog you selected the supplies. Keep in mind that the university periodically bids out the office supplies to get the best pricing available. Because of this we try to limit our purchases to the supplier who wins the bid. If you want the supplies purchased from a supplier other than we currently do business with you may have to allow for a longer lead time to receive your supplies (if the university has an active account with the company you are requesting your purchase from).

Quantity - List the quantity you are ordering as sold in the catalog (i.e. if you want one dozen please note whether the item is sold by a dozen, or individually, and note quantity as needed).

UOM - Unit of measure. Supplies are sold in specific units (i.e. each [ea], box [bx], pack [pk]) and must be purchased in the quantities indicated. The unit of measure is listed next to the item number column, before the price (in most catalogs). If you are unsure of what the unit of measure is for the product you wish to purchase, please call the Mail Center for assistance before placing your order.

Item Number - The item number is the vendor's number for the product (i.e. Office Depot uses a six digit number with a hyphen after the first three numbers). This is different from the manufacturer number and is specific to the office supply vendor.

Description - Please include a brief description of the item you are ordering (i.e. 1/3 cut manila file folders, ½" transparent tape, etc).

List Price - Please enter the price listed in the catalog for the item you are purchasing.

Our Cost - This is for Mail Center use. This will show the difference between the list (catalog) price and our cost.

Total Cost for Item - This is also for Mail Center use. This is a total of your cost for this item (i.e. if a quantity of five are being purchased the total cost will be the UOM multiplied by Our Cost to get the total cost for the item).

Total Cost - This will be the total cost of your order (total of Total Cost for Item column).

Authorized Signature - There are requirements set by the PEC regarding budget managers' signature being required for purchases exceeding a certain total. Please contact the Business Office if you are not familiar with these requirements. Failure to do so will slow down your order processing.

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