Referring a Student to Counseling Services

Life Threatening Emergencies:
Dial 9-911 from your telephone on campus.

If you believe a student is imminently homicidal or suicidal (i.e. you believe the student is likely to hurt himself/herself or someone else), you may call campus safety at x555 and request an officer. Call Counseling Services at x4932 if you require assistance or want to inform our office of an incident.

Urgent Referrals to Counseling Services:
Same Day Appointment

If you believe a student's situation is urgent (she/he cannot wait or should not wait 24-48 hours to speak with a therapist) and that the student must speak directly with a therapist today, please call 630-844-4932 (4932 on campus).

After Hours:
Call The Crisis Line of Fox Valley at 630-482-9393.

We encourage students to use this free 24-hour hotline. The Crisis Line offers assistance with crisis situations, suicide intervention and prevention, information, and referrals. They are very skilled in locating additional counseling resources in the Aurora University area to help you or a friend you may be concerned about.

Routine Referrals to Counseling Services:
If you believe a student could benefit from individual counseling or other psychoeducational services, and the situation is not an emergency, you may call x4932 with the student in your office or have the student call.

Unsure of what to recommend or how to respond?

If concerned about a student, a phone consultation with Counseling Services may be beneficial to help you sort out relevant issues or explore approaches to the problem. Call x4932 to discuss.