L.E.A.D. Program


The Leadership Education And Development (L.E.A.D) certificate program at Aurora University seeks to develop the leadership knowledge and skills of students. It combines principles from both social change and servant theories of leadership. Some of these principles include a commitment to the growth of people, building a community, and stewardship while developing and examining leadership from an individual perspective as well as learning about group dynamics and processes.

The program is comprised of four sequential tiers. Each tier is a year-long program consisting of mandatory workshops and engagement or leadership in service oriented programs. Certificates are awarded after completion of each tier. The tiers include:

  1. Emerging Leaders (click here for workshop schedule)
  2. Leadership Practices (click here for workshop schedule)
  3. Enhancing Campus Leadership (click here for workshop schedule)
  4. Leadership for Service (click here for workshop schedule)

Applications (click here for application) for Emerging Leaders are due to Kris Johnson (Eckhart Hall #310C) by October 31st of that school year.

Contact Kris Johnson, Director of Student Leadership, at 630-844-5624 or kjohnson@aurora.edu if you have any questions.