Student Senate

Freshmen Senator Bios:

freshman senators

Pictured from left--- Ileana Ascencio, Desiree Griseta, Kenny Ponquinette, Nadine Miller

My name is Ileana Ascencio and I am a freshman Nursing major. My involvement at Aurora University includes being a member of SNA and a senator in AUSA.

My name is Desiree Griseta and I am a freshman at AU. I am also a Nursing major and in the Student Nurses Association on campus.

I’m Kenny Ponquinette, a freshman Political Science major. I was born and raised right here in Aurora, Illinois. In my time away from campus I currently intern for a State Representative, and look forward to doing my part to the better the community.

My name is Nadine Miller and I am a freshman Senator in AUSA. My declared major is Biology with a pre-medicine focus. After classes I often practice ballet technique and read books. With my future M.D., I plan to join the Doctors Without Borders organization in India.

Sophomore Senator Bios:


Pictured from left--- Roma Upadhyaya, Jonathan Gramme, Zach Turnbow, Kourtney Speer

My name is Roma Upadhyaya. I am a sophomore Senator from Bloomington, IL and I major in Psychology. I am a co-chair of the Food Committee and VP for Student Life Committee. 

My name is Jonathan Gramme. I am a sophomore Athletic Training major here at AU. I am involved in AUSA, SAAC, SATSO, LEAD, and play for the AU Football team. I am from Yorkville, IL and have a sister, Victoria.

I’m Zach Turnbow, a sophomore Political Science Major and am a decathlete on the Track and Field team.

My name is Kourtney Speer. I am a sophomore from Elizabeth, IL. I am involved in AUSA and I am on the Women’s Basketball team. I major in History with a minor in Pre-law and Spanish. 

Junior Senator Bios:

junior senators

Pictured from left--- Tara Dubbins, Katerine Lemus, Vinette Randell

My name is Tara Dubbins and I am a junior Senator. I am the chair of the Awareness Committee and a cochair for the Food Committee. Additionally, I am an Elementary Educations Major with minors in Special Education and Art.

My name is Katerine Lemus. I am a junior Finance major from Warrenville, IL. I am involved in AUSA and SET. In the future I want to do International Finance for a while so I can have the chance to explore the world and have a basic knowledge of different cultures.

My name is Vinette Randell. I am a 20-year-old junior from Chicago, Illinois. My major is in Criminal Justice and I minor in Psychology. I am the Public Relation/ Historian for the women’s empowerment group, ARISE. I am also a junior Senator in AUSA.

Senior Senator Bios:

senior senators

Pictured from left--- Kailey Kamberis, Heather Stanford, Cameron Brooks, Maxwell Furlong

My name is Kailey Kamberis. I am a senior Accounting and Finance major from Oswego, IL. In addition to AUSA, I am the Delta Mu Delta Chapter President and play Women’s Lacrosse here at AU. After graduation, I plan on moving to San Francisco, CA to start my career as an accountant.

My name is Heather Stanford. I am a senior at Aurora University. I am a criminal justice major with a psychology minor. This is my second year of being a Senator for AUSA. I volunteer and attend criminal justice conventions in the area. Recently, I was on a panel at Aurora University for human trafficking seminar.

My name is Cameron Brooks and I am a senior Criminal Justice major from Miami, FL. After graduating from AU, I plan to be a police officer back in San Francisco and then go on to work for the FBI.

My name is Max W. Furlong. I am currently a History major and Museum Studies Minor at Aurora University. I am an Eagle Scout and current Assistant Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America. I have completed an internship at Cantigny Park’s First Division Museum for my minor and I am seeking for future opportunities to delve deeper in the museum world. 

Transfer Senator Bios:

transfer senators

Pictured from left--- Lexi Piccatto, Ally Van Bogaert

My name is Lexi Piccatto. I am a sophomore Social Work major. I am involved in Circle K, Social Work Association, and a transfer Senator in AUSA.

My name is Ally Van Bogaert. I am sophomore transfer from Monmouth College. I am an Elementary Education major and a Women’s Basketball player. I am an active member of Educators Rising club and I work at Alice’s Place in Elburn, IL. I am also Tom Van Bogaert’s little sister.