Refunds and Overpayment


Tuition refunds are automatically granted to students who withdraw from classes during the published add/drop period. A refund schedule is shown on the Payment Agreement Form signed at the time of registration.

Students must withdraw from classes through the Office of the Registrar in order to receive a refund. Failing to attend class does not result in an automatic withdrawal.

Drops that occur after the published deadline dates will result in no refund of tuition charges. Students may appeal tuition charges by completing the Tuition Refund Appeal Form and submitting this completed form and any required documentation to the Director of Student Accounts. Appeals are evaluated by the Refund Committee and a written decision will be provided to the student.

Withdrawing from classes prior to completion of 60% of the term may result in the return of Title IV funds. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to discuss their financial status with their financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing from classes. Although a withdrawal may temporarily result in a credit balance, no refund will be issued until the account has been reviewed by a financial aid counselor.

Delayed Financial Aid Funds

At times, financial aid funds may not be received until after the tuition payment due date. In these circumstances, students must pay their tuition balance by the due date and request a refund of those funds after the financial aid has been received. Students also may choose to have those funds applied toward a future semester.

Refund Pick-Up

Students will be notified via Aurora University student email when the funds have been received from their lender and the date their refund will be available. Refunds are mailed to the address on record unless students request to pick up the refund from Student Accounts.

Refunds are available every Friday (unless Friday is an approved university holiday). Refunds are not issued during the add/drop period.

Upon receipt of their refund notification, students may contact Student Accounts to request to pick up their refund check rather than having it mailed. If a request has not been made by Thursday of week the refund is expected, the check will be mailed. No refund checks will be disbursed prior to Friday, 2:00 p.m. or as specified in the refund notification e-mail.

Credit Balances

If a student has requested that their credit balance remain on their account, it will be carried forward until the end of the Spring Semester. If a student has registered for May Term or Summer Term courses and would like to use their credit balance toward these courses; the student must contact the Student Accounts Office.  If the registration has not occurred prior to the final refund period, the student will be responsible for making full payment for these courses.

Overpayment and Refund Policies

Overpayments that include credit card payments will be issued back to the credit card account first. Any additional credit balance will be refunded to the student.

If the overpayment results from a parent PLUS loan, the refund will be issued to the parent in whose name the PLUS loan has been received.

If both parents and students have loan funds applied to the account and both have requested refunds of overpayments, the refund will first be issued to the student up to the amount of the student's loans. Any additional credit balance will be refunded to the parent.

If the student requests that the credit balance be issued to another party (including parents), a Refund Request Form must be filled out and signed by the student in Student Accounts. A student ID is required.

Application and refund of Title IV funds will be handled in compliance with Department of Education regulations.