Loans and Tuition Benefits

At times, loans and tuition benefits from an employer or Upward Mobility may not be received by Student Accounts until after the due date. Please refer to the types of loans below for procedures on loan funds.

Stafford Loans

If you have completed all of the necessary paperwork in the Financial Aid office for the processing of the Stafford loan funds for which you are eligible prior to the deadline date (July 1 for the fall semester), your loan funds will be taken into account against your balance even though Student Accounts has not physically received the funds.

Parent PLUS Loans

Only pre-approved Parent PLUS loans and student alternative loans will be taken into account against your balance prior to the receipt of these funds by Student Accounts. Please contact your AU financial aid advisor for information on the pre-approval process.

Employer Tuition Benefits

Aurora University will bill your employer directly if you turn in your authorized billing voucher from your employer. The voucher should list the specific course(s) that your employer is willing to pay, and must authorize payment regardless of the grade you receive. Tuition vouchers must be received by Student Accounts within the first week of the term, or your account will be subject to late fees and service charges.

Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility benefits will be applied to your account after the beginning of the term, as your enrollment must be verified. Upward Mobility benefits can only be applied if the vouchers from the granting agency have been turned in to Student Accounts. Please contact Student Accounts prior to the beginning of the term at 630-844-5470 or

  • Granting agencies will send tuition vouchers to the student, not to AU. You should follow up with the appropriate agency if you have not received your tuition voucher.
  • It is your responsibility to submit forms to Student Accounts for payment. Accounts are considered in arrears and are subject to late fees and service charges unless the tuition is received within the first two weeks of the term.
  • Upward Mobility benefits may not cover all charges. Non-covered charges are the student’s responsibility.