Aurora University

Confidential Advisors

Individuals wishing to obtain confidential assistance without making a report to the University may do so by speaking with a confidential advisor. Aurora University has entered into an agreement with Mutual Ground to provide confidential advisor services to Aurora University students seeking to make a confidential report or otherwise access confidential assistance. Representatives of Mutual Ground are trained and available to discuss incidents of sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence in confidence, and generally only report to the University that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information. Disclosures to these trained confidential advisors will not trigger the University’s investigation into an incident. In addition to providing confidential counseling, confidential advisors also provide emergency and ongoing support to individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence, including:

  • The provision of information regarding the individual’s reporting options and possible outcomes, including without limitation, reporting to the University pursuant to this Policy and notifying local law enforcement;
  • The provision of resources and services, including, but not limited to, services available on campus and through community-based resources, such as, sexual assault crisis centers, medical treatment facilities, counseling services, legal resources, medical forensic services and mental health services;
  • The provision of information regarding orders of protection, no contact orders or similar lawful orders issued by the University or a criminal or civil court;
  • An explanation of the individual’s right to have privileged, confidential communications with the confidential advisor consistent with state and federal law;
  • Assistance in contacting campus officials, community-based sexual assault crisis centers and/or local law enforcement upon requested; and/or
  • Assistance with securing interim protective measures and accommodations upon request.

Contact information for confidential advisors is as follows:

Mutual Ground
418 Oak Avenue
Aurora, IL 60506

Sexual Assault 24-Hour Hotline: 630-897-8383