Aurora University

Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

Amnesty: The welfare of students and employees in our community is of paramount importance. Pursuant to State law, the University is obligated to include an amnesty provision in this Policy that provides immunity to any student who reports, in good faith, an alleged violation of the University’s Policy involving sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence to a responsible employee. Accordingly, to encourage good faith reports of violations of this Policy, the University will not discipline a student who makes a good faith report of sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, or interpersonal violence for any violation of Aurora University’s Code of Conduct, such as underage drinking, that is revealed in the course of such a report, unless the institution determines that the violation was egregious, including without limitation an action that places the health or safety of any other person at risk. The University may, however, pursue educational remedies regarding alcohol or other drugs.

Good Samaritan: At times, students and employees may need assistance. The University encourages students and employees to offer help and assistance to others in need. Sometimes, students and employees are hesitant to offer assistance to others, for fear that they may get themselves in trouble (for example, a student who has been drinking underage might hesitate to make a report or to help take a victim of sexual misconduct to the Office of Campus Public Safety). The University pursues a policy of limited immunity for students or employees who offer help to others in need. While policy violations may not be overlooked, the University will provide educational options, rather than disciplinary sanctions, to those who offer their assistance to others in need.