Aurora University

Institutional Crime Reporting

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the "Clery Act") requires institutions of higher education to compile and publish statistics on certain criminal offenses including sexual assault (i.e., non-consensual sexual intercourse), domestic and dating violence and stalking that occur on or adjacent to school properties. Although the University strongly encourages everyone to report any crime that occurs on or around campus, the Clery Act requires certain crimes reported to a Campus Security Authority (CSA) be included in those annual statistics. Specifically, the Clery Act defines a Campus Security Authority as:

  • A campus police or security department;
  • Any individual or individuals who have responsibility for campus security but who do not constitute a campus police or security department . . . such as an individual who is responsible for monitoring entrance into institutional property;
  • Any individual or organization specified in an institution's statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses; or
  • An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings.

All crimes reported and documented under the Clery Act will be recorded in an anonymous manner that neither identifies the specifics of the crime or the identity of the complainant. The University is also obligated to issue timely warnings of Clery Act crimes occurring within relevant geography that represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees (subject to exceptions when the warning could potentially compromise law enforcement efforts or identify the victim/survivor). A reporting party under this Policy will never be identified in a timely warning.