Aurora University

Northeast Woodlands Culture Area (This area includes Illinois and the Great Lakes States)

Northeast Woodlands Discovery Boxes

Northeast Woodlands (Grade 2 to Adult)
This box focuses on the various tribes of the Northeast Woodlands region. Information on homes, food, clothing and traditions are included in the illustrated notebook. Artifacts and hands on materials include moccasins, breech cloth, appliqué skirt, roach headdress construction materials, beaded jewelry, bead loom, foodstuffs, birch bark items and examples of porcupine quill work in the form of jewelry and bags. Suggestions for activities are included as are maps, books, and a video on the Iroquois. Some of the pieces are sized for children and may be tried on.

Illinois Box (Grade 2 to Adult)
This box contains information on the various Indian tribes of the state with emphasis on culture, language, housing, food etc. Maps, time-lines and lesson plans and activities make this a wonderful classroom tool. Many fine illustrations accompany the information. The hands-on materials in the box include a beaver pelt, pipe (a soapstone bowl), string of wampum, two Madison points, plum stone and moccasin games, plant and animal raw materials from the region.