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Adjunct Faculty - Introduction to Botany

Aurora University seeks talented adjunct faculty who are passionate about teaching and learning. Adjunct faculty are qualified part-time instructors offered teaching opportunities based on course demand and staffing.

We are seeking adjunct faculty to teach the following course:

  • BIO-2350 Introduction to Botany (3 semester hours)

    This course will examine the diversity and organ systems of "plants," using a comparative approach. Topics include the classification and phylogeny of the major photosynthetic groups (cyanobacteria, algae, and plants) as well as the heterotrophic fungi, characteristics of selected angiosperm families, the structure and function of plant and fungal organ systems, and the ways in which plants and fungi are adapted to their environments. 

The course is on T, TH 8-9:50 a.m. (lecture). Spring semester: 1/09/2023-4/29/2023

A Master’s or PhD degree in biology or related fields is required. Industry experience and college-level teaching experience are preferred.

When applying include the phrase “Introduction to Botany Adjunct Application” in the subject line of the application.

If you were referred by a current employee of Aurora University please include the name of the employee in your submission.

Please email resume or curriculum vitae, plus cover letter stating the specific areas you are interested in teaching to:

Aurora University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.