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Spring 2020 - Module I
CourseEDU6575 School Leadership and the Law for Special Populations
WhenJanuary 6 - February 29, 2020
WhereAurora University - Orchard Campus
Room - 321
InstructorLisa Palese
Required Textbooks
  • A Principal's Guide to Special Education by Bateman, David F. (3rd ed) ISBN: 9780865864795
  • The Illinois School Law Survey, by Braun (15th ed) ISBN: 978-1-880331354

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  • 6575 (course section number)
  • S1-01 (code)

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Spring 2020 - Module II
CourseEDU6595 Internship for Educational Leadership II
WhenMarch 9 - May 2, 2020

WhereAurora University - Orchard Center
Room - 330 - Meets 4/2/2020
InstructorDr. Ed Howerton
Required Textbooks No Required Text

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