Cohorts for Completion of Graduate Programs through the School of Education

Attention Cohort Students:  Click on your group name below for schedule information.

Active Cohort Course Schedule Information

Aurora SU17 Director of Sp Ed
Aurora 16 MACI
Aurora 16 MAET
Aurora SP17 MAET
Aurora Summer 17 MAET
Aurora SP18 MAET
Aurora SU18 MAEL PEP
Aurora 16 MARI
Aurora SU17 MARI
Aurora SU16 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Aurora SU18 MARI
Aurora Fall 18 MAEL - Principal Prep
Aurora Spring 19 Principal End
Aurora Summer 19 MAET
Aurora Summer 19 MAEL PEP
Aurora SP17 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Aurora SP18 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Aurora SU17 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Aurora SP19 MACI-TDL
Aurora SP20 Dir of SpEd.
Aurora SU20 MAEL
Aurora FA19 MACI-TDL
Aurora FA19-2 MAEL-PEP
Aurora FA19-2 Director of SpEd
Aurora Woodstock FA20 Director of SpEd
Burlington D301 FA19-2 MAET
Crystal Lake MEL - Principal Endorsement
DSEE Cohort Fall 2020
East Peoria MEL - Principal Endorsement
Joliet PDA SP18 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Kane-Geneva 16 MAET
Ottawa SP19 MEL - Principal Endorsement
Ogle County FA20 MAEL
LaSalle MEL Principal Endorsement
Peoria SP17 MEL-PEP
Plainfield SU18 MAEL-PEP
West-40 SP18 Director of Sp Ed
West-40 MEL - Principal Endorsement
West-40 SU18 MAEL-PEP
West Aurora FA19 MACI-TDL
West Aurora SP20 MACI: TDL
West-40 SP20 MAEL
Woodstock 16 Principal Endorsement
Woodstock 16 MAET
Woodstock SP18 MAET
Woodstock FA17 PEP
Woodstock FA18 MAEL - PEP
Woodstock FA18 MAET
Woodstock SP18 MARI
Woodstock SP18 PEP
Woodstock FA19 MACI-TDL
Woodstock SP19 MAEL - Principal Endorsement
Woodstock SP20 MAEL
Woodstock FA19-2 MAEL-PEP
Woodstock SP20 MARI
Woodstock SU20 MACI-TDL

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Graduate Studies at or 630-947-8955.