Aurora University Class Schedules - Summer Term 2018 - PSY (Psychology)

61697PSY 1100 R1 01General PsychologyOnline Course4.0005/07/18 06/30/18 ONLN ONL ONL TBA TBASamantha Hickman Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-A/2016 Individ & Society/2017 Individual & Society/2018 Individual & Society/Online Course
61902PSY 2810 UM 01ST:Professional/Clinical CommGeorge Williams-Lake Geneva Cp4.0005/07/18 05/26/18 MYER 103 LEC TWTH 01:30PM 05:30PMSara Johnson
Jenn Pagone
This course will provide exposure to and practice in forms of writing that will benefit them as future professionals and/or clinicians. Students will be exposed to various types of writing and techniques for producing professional writing, including business correspondence, electronic mail, proposals, reports, presentations, and other texts often found in professional and clinical communities. The course will also provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice clinical writing including reports, evaluations, treatment plans, case studies, and common types of documentation. Students in the class will focus on the practice of reading and writing rhetorically, learning to tailor communication to a specific purpose, audience, and tone. In addition to practicing professional communication in situations similar to those found in professions, students will also engage in thoughtful analysis of writing samples, including discussion of document layout and design.
61718PSY 3250 R2 01Lifespan DevelopmentOnline Course4.0007/02/18 08/25/18 ONLN ONL ONL TBA TBASamantha Hickman PRE-REQS: Complete PSY-1100; NOTE: This class does not count toward the psychology major. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-A/Upper Level GENERAL ED/2016 Individ & Society/Online Course
62597PSY 3350 U1 01Child & Adolescent DevelopmentAurora - Main Campus4.0006/04/18 07/07/18 DUNH 007 LEC MW 09:00AM 01:45PMDavid Rudek PRE-REQS: Complete PSY-1100 or EDU-2260. Course Types: Knwing Ourselves&Others-A/Upper Level GENERAL ED/2016 Individ & Society/2018 Individual & Society
62596PSY 3520 US 01Experimental PsychologyAurora - Main Campus4.0006/04/18 08/11/18 ALUM 136 LEC T 05:00PM 09:45PMDavid Rudek PRE-REQS: Complete PSY-1100. Complete PSY-3500 with a "C" or higher. Course Types: 2016 Individ & Society

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

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