Aurora University Class Schedules - Summer Term 2018 - MUS (Music)

58944MUS 2880 UM 01T/S:Vienna's Musical LegacyTravel-Based Program4.0005/07/18 05/26/18 DUNH 120 TRV MTWTHF TBAMark Plummer This class, Vienna's Musical Legacy is a concentrated study of the musical history of the city of Vienna, Austria and will primarily focus on the music and lives of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig von Beethoven. These three composers are linked with the city of Vienna. We will travel to significant historical sites associated with Salzburg and Vienna's musical history and important sites in the lives of the three aforementioned composers. Other important Viennese composers may also be studied.

* The indicated start and end times refer to the general time frame in which the course is offered (most often a standard term). The actual first or last class for a particular course may not occur on the date indicated.

January 18, 2019