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Arriving Five Minutes Early

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When I was in college, I was fascinated by the stories of those who lived in planned or intentional communities — often set apart from the world with a goal of changing it. Now I am revisiting some of the texts that meant so much to me as an undergraduate to see what I might learn at this point in my life. This study took me back to reading about monasticism. Recently I read about the practice of statio. Today we might think of this as a form of mindfulness.

Followers of St. Benedict believed it was vital to prepare to meet God by pausing one activity completely before beginning the next. The goal was to give the whole self to worship, to cease, to center, and then to engage fully. What would happen if we all decided to arrive in class five minutes early? How would our learning by impacted by the conscious decision to pause and then to bring the whole self to learning? It’s worth thinking about.


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Rebecca L. Sherrick, PhD