Major Requirements - Special Education

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Required Special Education Courses: 52 semester hours
Student Teaching: 15 semester hours

  • EDU2260 Learning Theories and Application K–12 (4)
  • SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
  • SPED3355 Educational Research through a Cognitive Development Lens (4)
  • SPED/EDU3510 Diversity and Disability Issues/Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching ELLs (4)
  • SPED3560 Reading Methods: Differentiating & Direct Instruction (4)
  • SPED/EDU3610 Oral Language Development and Disorders/Linguistics (4)
  • SPED3750 Prosocial Skills and Challenging Behaviors (4)
  • SPED3815 Strategies and Assistive Technology for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities (4)
  • SPED/EDU3820 or 5610 Psycho-educational Assessment of students with Disabilities (4)
  • SPED4500 or 5640 Mathematics and Sciences Methods for Students with Disabilities (4)
  • SPED4550 Reading Disabilities Theory and Interventions (4)
  • SPED4610 Written Language Development and Disorders (4)
  • SPED4620 Collaboration Models for Inclusion (4)
  • SPED4750 Student Teaching in Special Education (13)
  • SPED4760 Special Education Student Teaching Seminar (2) or SPED4780 Special and Elementary Education Student Teaching Seminar (2)
  • SPED4750 Student Teaching in Special Education (13) or SPED4770 Student Teaching in Special and Elementary Education (13)

Additional General Education courses (beyond university requirements), based on Licensure Requirements

  • MTH1210 and MTH1220 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I and II (4 each) or their equivalent in upper- level mathematics coursework or testing
  • Three additional science courses, covering biology, physical science and earth science, with four-year Aurora University candidates taking the following courses (transfers may petition for other equivalencies):
    • BIO1150 Life Science for Educators
    • NSM1400 Earth and Space Science
    • NSM2500 Integrated Mathematics and Science for Teachers (4) or a physical science, such as chemistry or physics from another institution
    • HIS1210 American History
    • Humanities (one course)–choose from defined list of humanities, art, music, theatre