Major Requirements - Spanish with K-12 Educator Licensure

Total credit hours for K–12 Educator Licensure in Spanish major: 83

Required Spanish Courses: 40 semester hours

  • SPN2200 Intermediate Spanish I (4)
  • SPN2300 Intermediate Spanish II (4)
  • SPN3200 Advanced Spanish: Conversation and Phonetics (4)
  • SPN3450 Conversation and Culture through Spanish Language Films (4)
  • SPN3500 Advanced Spanish Literature (4)
  • SPN3600 Latin American Civilization and Culture (4) OR LTS1200: Introduction to Latino Cultural Studies (4) OR LTS1300: Latinos in the United States (4)
  • SPN3620 Elementary Methods and K-12 Reading in World Languages (4)
  • SPN3800 Advanced Grammar and Composition in Spanish (4)
  • SPN3820 Methods of Teaching Spanish in Middle and High School (4)

Candidates will select one of the following:

  • SPN3880 Travel/Study Experience (4) or SPN3650 Language and Community Immersion (4)

Required Courses (Education): 43 semester hours

  • EDU2100 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (4)
  • EDU2260 Theories of Learning (4)
  • EDU3120 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (4)
  • EDU3620 Secondary Methods of Teaching, Learning, Motivation and Assessment (4)
  • EDU3720 Reading Across the Curriculum (4)
  • SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
  • SPED4620 Collaboration Models for Inclusion (4)
  • EDU4750 Student Teaching (13)
  • EDU4760 Student Teaching Seminar (2)

Note: Students in this program must be admitted to the School of Education and Human Performance and meet the same admission, retention and exit criteria as for any education major (as outlined in the undergraduate catalog). For additional requirements specific to this program, contact Peggy Durbala at

Students with this major are encouraged to purse a minor in French (20 credit hours), which would also enable teacher candidates to obtain a K-12 French endorsement on their professional educator license. For more information on the French minor, contact Dr. Terri Schroth