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Field Instructor Orientation

Field instruction is a central part of the social work professional education and provides students with an opportunity to integrate the theoretical and conceptual contributions of the classroom with the practical world of the practice setting. This webpage contains useful training resources for agencies to 1) understand the field processes and paperwork, and 2) understand the social work perspective when supervising a social work student.

As a new agency, Aurora University field office is requesting you to complete a field orientation. The reason for this request is to ensure all agencies and supervisors are properly informed and meet the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) core competencies when hosting an Aurora University student. This webpage was created as a means to meet the emerging needs of our community agencies and partners. In other words, Aurora University recognizes that many agencies are located a great distance away from the Aurora campus, and so the purpose of this webpage is to provide an online orientation for agencies that are unable to attend the face-to-face orientations that occur yearly. Any agency is allowed to participate in the online orientation and training. By the end of this training, you will be more knowledgeable about the field processes as well as knowledgeable on factors leading to effective supervision.


  • Please watch the educational videos below.
  • Following the presentations, please complete the quiz. The quiz will contain directions on how to submit your answers. Agencies that receive a passing score will be formally acknowledged as an approved internship site. Agencies that do not receive a passing grade will be asked to review the educational materials and re-take the quiz.

Overview of Internship Experience Part 1
Overview of Internship Experience Part 2
Overview of Internship Experience Part 3
Code of Ethics National Association of Social Workers (PDF)
Strengths Perspective (PDF)
Effective Supervision

Effective Learning Styles
Integrating Theory
Field Application
Agency Orientation
Field Instructor Responsibilities
Learning Agreement
Holiday Internship
Termination of Field Placement
Site Visit
Student Evaluation and Grading
Student Responsibilities
Ethical Issues in Field
Review of Forms

Click here to complete the Field Instructor Orientation quiz.

For any questions regarding the online orientation, or general questions about the internship process itself, please contact:

Alli Schuck, Field Director,;

Ariana Carlson Maggio, Assistant Field Director, Aurora Campus,; or

Amy Ceshker, Assistant Field Coordinator, GWC and Woodstock Campus,