Major Requirements — Secondary Education Supplemental Major

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Courses Required for State Licensure in Secondary Education
The required and selected courses in the “approved” major plus the following professional education courses must be satisfactorily completed for state licensure (total number of semester hours varies according to each program): 

Education Courses for Biology, English, Mathematics, and Social Science-History Licensure Students:
EDU2100 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (4)
EDU2260 Learning Theories and Application K-12 (4)
EDU3720 Reading Across the Curriculum (4)
EDU3620 Teaching and Assessing Diverse Learners in the Secondary Classroom (4)
SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
SPED4620 Collaboration Models for Inclusion (4)
EDU4750 Student Teaching (13)
EDU4760 Student Teaching Seminar (2) 

Candidates will choose according to major:
Biology: BIO3820 Secondary Methods in Biology (4)
English: ENG3820 Secondary Methods in English (4)
Social Science-History: SBS3820 Secondary Methods in Social Studies (4)
Mathematics: MTH3820 Secondary Methods in Mathematics (4) 

Additional Required Courses for Secondary Education Biology Licensure Students:
EGR1500 Introduction to Engineering Design I (2)
EGR2500 Introduction to Engineering Design II (2)
PHY2210/Z General Physics I with Lab (3/1)
PHY2240/Z Physics I: Mechanics and Waves with Lab (3/1)
PHY2220/Z General Physics II with Lab (3/1)
PHY2250Z Physics II: Electromagnetism and Optics with Lab (3/1)
NSM1400 Earth and Space Science (4)
BIO2200 Humans and the Environment (4) 

Additional Required Courses for Secondary Education English Licensure Students:
ENG2260 Critical Approaches to Literature (4)
ENG2400 Grammar and Composition for Teachers (4)
ENG/EDU3190 Multicultural Young Adult Literature (2)
ENG3550 Language, Literacy, and Cognition (4)
COM1550 Professional Communication (4) 

Additional Required Courses for Secondary Education Social Science-History Licensure Students:
ECN2030 Principles of Economics (4)
PSC1300 Introduction to U.S. Government (4)
SOC1100 Introduction to Society (4)
HIS/BIO3410 Global Environmental History

Approved Professional Educator Licensure Grade-Level Endorsements:
Aurora University offers ISBE- and CAEP-approved licensure programs in:
Early Childhood Special Education with ESL/Bilingual Birth-Grade 2
Elementary Education 1-6:
Secondary Education 9–12 - Content Areas of:

  • Biology
  • English
  • Social Science-History
  • Mathematics 

Special Education pre-K–age 21: Type 10 Learning Behavior Specialist 1
Physical Education K–12: Type 10 

Students who wish to add an endorsement to their 9-12 PEL (Professional Educator License) are required to make an appointment to meet with their advisor in the Crouse Center to:

  • receive information about the specific courses required by the State of Illinois;
  • receive information about endorsements offered by Aurora University; and
  • receive information about requirements and prerequisites.
Approved Endorsement Areas
Aurora University offers ISBE- and CAEP-approved endorsement areas in:
  • Bilingual/ESL (can be added to elementary and secondary)
  • Special Education (may require additional semesters to complete; can be added to elementary and secondary)
  • Health Education
  • English (secondary)
  • Social Science-History (secondary)
  • Mathematics (secondary)
  • Spanish (k-12)
  • Physical Education (k-12)