Major Requirements - Religion

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Required Courses: 12 semester hours

  • REL2060 Exploring Religion (4)
  • REL2200 The Shaping of Christian Identity (4)
  • REL4990 Seminar in Religious Studies (4)

Choose at least 20 semester hours from the following groups, with at least eight hours from courses numbered at the 3000-level or higher:

Group A: Global Families of Faith: Choose at least one

  • REL2310 The Faiths of Abraham (4)
  • REL2320 The Faiths of India (4)
  • REL2330 The Faiths of East Asia (4)

Group B: Religion in Today’s World: Choose at least one

  • REL1400 Spirituality for Today’s World (4)
  • REL3360 Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust (4)
  • REL3400 Love the Stranger: the History and Significance of Interfaith Dialogue (4)
  • REL4200 Topics in Contemporary Religion (4)

Group C: Topics in Religion

  • REL1050 An Introduction to World Religions (4)
  • REL1100 The Christian Bible (4)
  • REL/HIS2760 Religion in America (4)
  • REL/PHL3100 Philosophy of Religion (3)
  • REL3350 Jesus (4)
  • REL/ART3450 Icons and Idols: Religion and Art (4)
  • REL/HIS3750 Topics in Religious History (4)
  • REL/HIS3800 Reformation Europe (4)