The Bachelor of Arts in Religion program at AU offers a wide range of courses taught by a diverse and committed faculty. The university’s Christian roots are reflected in a number of courses which focus on Christianity from a variety of perspectives.  We also offer courses in families of faith, and on individual faith traditions: East Asian and Indian religions, Islam and Judaism.  There is an emphasis, too, on the encounter of the world’s religions, and the ways in which religious people seek to understand diversity, and the beliefs of others.  Courses deal with pressing issues facing religions in the modern world: evil and suffering, gender and sexuality, and ethical and moral formation. In all our teaching, we seek to understand the core notions of religion itself—our yearning for perfection and continued awareness of imperfection, our sense of the transcendent and its implications for the mundane, our search for guidance in our judgments and behavior.

Amid a diverse student population, we seek to foster dialogue and understanding on campus and in the wider community, and to model for our students these exchanges with generosity and with empathy. 

Whatever your background or motivation in studying religion, we aim to provide opportunities for you to ask some of life’s biggest questions, to critically engage with some of the most enduring answers that human beings have offered in response to those questions, and to re-imagine your life and work in light of these encounters. Many of our students pursue interdisciplinary studies by combining the religion major with another undergraduate major.

Program Overview

To earn an undergraduate degree in religion, you will complete at least 120 semester hours total in general education and religion courses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Religion includes:

  • 12 hours of required courses
  • 20 hours of selected elective courses, of which at least eight hours must be at 3000-level or above