Psychology Professional Internships

As a student in the psychology program, you’ll benefit from a professional internship experience, typically done in your junior or senior year. The internship is an opportunity to apply the theories and knowledge that you learn in the classroom to a real-world setting.

Our partners with professional agencies, institutions and businesses in the Fox Valley and beyond will give you a wide variety of choices as you pursue your internship. Opportunities include working alongside a professional psychologist at a mental health center, a telephone hotline, a community agency or a human resources department of a business, or helping a professor do research or teach a class.

When you are ready to pursue your internship, our internship coordinator will help you find a good match. Please contact Terry Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Psychology, at 630-844-4893 or for more information.

Internship Requirements: 

  1. Find an internship site that is related to psychology. You can get assistance in this endeavor from Dr. Terry Shapiro (, Psychology Internship Coordinator. Psychology faculty may be able to help as well.  
  2. Access the internship packet on the AU website, fill out the required forms and get signatures as needed.
  3. Arrange to have one of the psychology faculty serve as your internship advisor.
  4. Go to your internship site and meet with your site supervisor. This person will instruct you as to your duties and responsibilities
  5. Work hard. Fulfill your commitments. Do what you say you will do including working the appropriate number of hours per week for the related number of credit hours.  Ask questions.  Get to know your fellow employees. Think about whether this kind of work is something you like doing.
  6. Learn about the office culture and follow organizational policies such as requesting time off. Requesting time off should only be done in very special circumstances and with advance notice to the internship site supervisor.
  7. NEVER just not show up for work without letting someone know.  If this happens, you may lose your internship.
  8. Meet with your psychology faculty advisor at least once per month.
  9. At the end of the internship experience, complete the appropriate evaluation form.