Minor Requirements — Philosophy

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Office of Admission at 630-844-5533 or admission@aurora.edu for additional information.

Students desiring a minor in philosophy are required to complete at least 18 semester hours in courses in the discipline. Of these, the following courses are mandatory: PHL1200 (Logic), at least one of the courses in the History of Philosophy sequence, and at least one other 3000-level or higher Philosophy course.

Required Courses: 8 semester hours

PHL1200 Logic (4)
PHL/HST2250 Ancient Philosophy: History of Philosophy I (4)
PHL3300 Modern Philosophy: History of Philosophy II (4)
PHL3350 History of Philosophy III (4)

Selected Courses: At least 12 semester hours; at least one additional class must be at the 3000-level

PHL1100 Problems of Philosophy (4)
PHL2100 Ethics (4)
PHL/PSC2200 Introduction to Political Theory (4)
PHL/ART2700 Art and Philosophy (4)
PHL/REL3100 Philosophy of Religion (4)
PHL3150 Professional Ethics (4)
PHL3200 Business Ethics (4)
PHL3400 The Good Life? (4)
PHL3500 Philosophy of Love and Sex (4)
PHL3600 Analytic Philosophy (4)
PHL3800 Special Topics in Philosophy (4)
PHL/PSC4650 Classics in Political Philosophy (4)
PHL/PSC4660 Modern Political Philosophy (4)
PHL4990 Senior Seminar in Philosophy (4)