Karli MooreKarli Moore

Karli Moore is a current student in the Museum Studies program at Aurora University. Her interest in the program stemmed from a love of museums. “I frequently visited museums with my parents while we went on vacation,” Moore said, “and I enjoyed seeing and learning new things.” A Museum Studies minor also paired well with her History major.

As a requirement for the program, Moore is completing an internship at Blackberry Farm in Aurora. There she has been fortunate enough to have the experience of co-curating exhibits, something she will also do as a student in the Museum Exhibitions class this semester.

Anna PierceAnna Pierce

Anna Pierce is a former Museum Studies student at Aurora University, graduating in 2015.

For her internship, Pierce worked at the Norsk Museum in Norway, IL, where she helped to transform their exhibit space through redesign and the writing of interpretation labels. The space remained unchanged for 35 years until Pierce signed on to do the project. She also helped the museum get started on the application process to get on the National Register of Historic Places.

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