Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and CNP Credential

Aurora University has partnered with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) to provide an externally administered credential program for students preparing for entry into the nonprofit industry, including all disciplinary-based career sectors such as youth/social service agencies, charitable organizations, hospitals & health care, education, non-governmental organizations, and environmental conservation fields.  Participation in this program leads to the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. 

The Nonprofit Leadership concentration within the Leadership Studies major was designed strategically to incorporate the learning outcomes for this NLA credential program, so that students who complete the curriculum’s coursework would be advancing towards the CNP.

What is the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance?

The NLA is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations committed to educating and preparing students to be skilled leaders and professionals in the nonprofit sector. More information on the NLA, its mission, and its list of nonprofit partners can be found at:

Why is CNP Important for Nonprofit Professionals?

The CNP is the only national nonprofit credential for students preparing for careers in the nonprofit sector, and is designed to provide a robust knowledge base for aspiring leaders and professionals within nonprofit management. Benefits of the CNP include:

  • CNPs are seven times more likely to reach a director level or higher position at a nonprofit organization than non-CNPs.
  • CNPs remain in the nonprofit sector 50% longer than non-CNPs.
  • More than one in four CNPs have a position of director or above at their current employer.

Requirements for CNP

1. Coursework completing the NLA’s 10 Core Competencies

  • By completing the Leadership Studies major (Nonprofit Leadership concentration), students will have satisfied the coursework for this requirement.

2. Internship or Professional Experience at a Nonprofit Organization

  • A minimum of 300 internship/work hours are required.

3. Alliance Management Institute (AMI)

  • The AMI is the largest annual nonprofit conference in the country directed towards college students preparing for nonprofit management positions. Students must attend at least one AMI conference – as this is considered a capstone experience.

4. Leadership and Service Activities

  • Join the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association on campus – additionally, students are strongly encouraged to join the LEAD program.

Program Coordinator

For more information or to apply for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance credential, please contact the program’s coordinator:

Jacqueline Babb
Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Management