Major Requirements – Global Service Concentration

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

For students wanting to apply their leadership skills in an international/foreign service career, a Global Service concentration is available that will focus on topics of globalization, humanitarian issues, community development, diplomacy and cultural development, and foreign language.  Working in and leading international service organizations require students to be proficient in critical thinking skills, social and emotional intelligence, adaptability, and various communication techniques.

Students will engage in a sequence of courses around four key interdisciplinary learning outcomes:

  • Intercultural Competence
  • Training & Experience in a Specific Work Sector
  • Foreign Language
  • Professional Leadership Development

Courses are designed to maximize experiential learning opportunities whereby students will engage in “outside-the-classroom” activities to enhance their development and application of leadership skills.  Activities include outdoor adventure programing, small unit leadership programs, service and volunteer opportunities, an outdoor immersion course, various field experiences, and a capstone internship.

Students fulfilling the requirements of this concentration will also have the opportunity to earn the Peace Corps Prep Program certificate.  Thru a collaborative partnership with the Peace Corps, Aurora University is recognized as an official Peace Corps Prep Program (PCPP) institution.  The PCPP is a formal partnership designed to better prepare students for international development fieldwork, intercultural service careers, and possible placement into the highly selective Peace Corps.   The partnership with the Peace Corps is intended to support a growing job demand and increasing competition for positions in the Peace Corps, the US State Department, and other international service organizations. 

Required Core Courses: 24 semester hours
Leadership Studies majors must complete all the following courses in addition to those identified in the concentrations:

  • COM3200 Persuasion (4)
  • LED1500 Foundations of Leadership (4)
  • LED2100 Leadership Ethics (4)
  • LED3880 Leadership Principles in Practice (4)
  • SOC/PSC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4) 

Choose one of the following courses:

  • LED4940 Leadership Studies Internship (4)
  • LED4990 Applied Leadership Studies Capstone (4)

In addition to completing the core courses, students must complete either the global service or nonprofit leadership concentration. 

Global Service Concentration: Minimum of 20 semester hours

This concentration is appropriate for students engaged in Peace Corp preparation or other forms of preparation for foreign service.

There are three parts that each student must complete to fulfill the requirements of the Global Services concentration.

First, students must complete any two of the following intercultural competence courses: 8 semester hours

  • LTS1200 Intro to Latino Cultural Studies (4)
  • LTS3200 Contemporary Latin American Politics (4)
  • ENG3520 Racial and Ethnic Themes in Literature (4)
  • COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4)
  • HIS3100 The African American Experience (4)
  • HIS3450 Latin American History (4)
  • SOC1100 Introduction to Society (4)
  • SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (4)
  • SOC2250 Social Inequalities (4)
  • SOC2500 Human Rights and Responsibilities (4)
  • SPN3600 Latin American Civilization & Culture (4) 

Second, students must complete a minimum of three (3) courses from one of the following areas of focus: Education, Environment or Health 

Education Track: 12 semester hours

  • PED1510 Foundations of Teaching K-12 Physical Education (4)
  • PED2510 K-12 Learning through Fitness Activities (4)
  • PED2520 K-12 Learning through Sport Activities (4)
  • EDU2100 Foundations of Teaching & Learning (4)
  • EDU2260 Learning Theories and Application K-12 (4)
  • EDU3110 Foundations for Language Minority Education (2)
  • EDU3120 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (4)
  • EDU/ENG3180 Multicultural Literature for Children (4)
  • EDU3350 Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice for Teachers (4)

Health Track: 12 semester hours

  • PED1200 Fitness for Life (4)
  • HED1500 Health Behaviors & Social Responsibility (4)
  • HED3260 Strategies in Health Promotion (4)
  • HED3300 Planning for Health Education (4)
  • SWK2050 Drugs and Human Behavior: Substance Abuse Eval. & Treatment (4)
  • BIO1060 Human Biology (4)
  • BIO2080 Nutrition & Health Promotion (4)
  • BIO/PSC/SOC3700 Politics of Global Health & Medicine (4)
  • PSY1100 General Psychology (4)
  • PSY3250 Lifespan Development (4)
  • PSY3430 Gender, Sexuality and Society (4)

Environment Track: 12 semester hours

  • BIO1220 Biology of Organisms (4)
  • BIO2200 Humans and the Environment (4)
  • BIO2350 Introduction to Botany (4)
  • BIO3370 Conservation Biology (4)
  • BIO3510 Ecology (4)

Third, students must complete two foreign language courses at the 2000-level courses or test out at a strong intermediate proficiency level.