Minor Requirements — International Studies

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

20 semester hours

The International Studies minor provides students with an opportunity to explore and learn from a multi-disciplinary perspective how to live and work in a complex and diverse world.

The goals of this minor are twofold: 1) to help students gain the knowledge and information necessary to live and work effectively and harmoniously in our complex world; and 2) to help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills by using an international perspective to recognize and understand the diversity of people and cultures in the world.

The minor will be attractive to students interested in international business and government, as well as to fields such as education, nursing, and social work, where graduates will interact with people of diverse cultures.

Required Courses: 8 semester hours

PSC1500 International Relations (4)
PSC3500 Comparative Political Systems (4)

Elective courses: 12 semester hours
Students must complete an additional 12 semester hours selected from the following list of courses:
REL1050 An Introduction to World Religions (4)
MUS1400 World Music (4)
SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (4)
FRN2200 Intermediate French (4)
REL2310 The Faiths of Abraham (4)
REL2320 The Faiths of India (4)
SPN2400 Intermediate Spanish II (4)
SOC/PSC2500 Human Rights and Responsibilities (4)
CRJ3010 International Crime and Justice (4)
PSC/LTS3200 Contemporary Latin American Politics (4)
HIS3450 Latin American History (4)
SOC/PSC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4)
BUS3500 International Business (4)
COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4)
ENG3500 Contemporary World Literature (4)
SPN3600 Latin American Civilization and Culture
PSC/SOC3610 The Politics of European Integration (4)
PSC3650 Issues in Political Economy (4)
FRN3700 Survey of Francophone Literature (4)
HIS3700 History of the Middle East (4)
HIS3750 History of East Asia (4)
SOC/PSC/BIO3700 Politics of Global Health and Medicine (4)

Students may earn credits towards the international studies minor by taking any course within the AU Study Abroad Program, with the approval of the chair of the program that offers that course.