Major Requirements - Human-Animal Studies

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Human-Animal Studies Major Requirements: 40 semester hours
Students must complete 40 semester hours of human-animal major-approved courses. Students are required to complete 24 semester hours of core human-animal courses and 16 semester hours in either a therapy track or welfare and bonding track, including four semester hours of internship.

Human-Animal Core Requirements (Both Tracks): 24 semester hours

  • HAS1200 Animal Science (4)
  • HAS2210 Animals in Society (4)
  • HAS3200 Animal Welfare (4)
  • HAS3300 Prevention & Control of Animal and Zoonotic Diseases (4)
  • MTH2320 General Statistics (4)
  • PSY1100 General Psychology (4)

Therapy Track Requirements: 16 semester hours

  • HAS/REC/SWK 3600 Animal Assisted Therapy (4)
  • HAS3940 Internship I (4)
  • PSY3460 Exceptional Individual (4)
    SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
  • REC2250 Therapeutic Recreation for Special Populations (4)

Welfare and Bonding Track Requirements: 16 semester hours

  • CRJ3320 Forensic Investigations Involving Animals (4)
  • HAS3400 Animals in Public Policy (4)
  • HAS3500 Behavior, Training and Rehabilitation of Animals (4)
  • HAS3940 Internship I (4)