Minor Requirements — Gender Studies

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

20 semester hours

This interdisciplinary minor provides an opportunity for students to explore issues surrounding gender and sexuality from a variety of academic perspectives.

Required Courses:

PSY/SOC3430 Gender, Sexuality, and Society (4)
ENG3510 Gender and Literature (4)

Elective Courses: 12 semester hours

Students must complete an additional 12 semester hours selected from the following list of courses:

LTS1300 Latinas and Latinos in the U.S. (4)
LTS2100 Latina Writers (4)
SOC2150 Cultural Anthropology (4)
COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4)
HIS3150 Women in American History (4)
PHL3500 Philosophy of Love and Sex (4)
BIO3540 Biological Anthropology (4)
PSC3500 Comparative Political Systems (4)
SOC/PSC3550 Politics of Intimate Relations (4)