Ileana Brooks, PhD

Ileana BrooksAssociate Professor of the School of Business and Public Policy

Office Location: Dunham Hall 235
Phone Number 630-844-4892
Email Address:

Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy is based on two premises: developing students’ minds and caring for the students. The main goal is to make students think and think differently. I make every attempt in nourishing a form of critical thinking that I believe to be valuable in any capacity or field. In an effort to understand the complexity of economic behavior, I require students to question assumptions made and to consider alternative points of view.

Along with developing minds, caring for my students is also essential. Teaching is a service to others in the form of sharing knowledge and ideas. Many of the students come from environments that have nurtured their learning process, while others have not been so fortunate. I assure learners that I am invested in their learning success whatever their circumstances. I stand ready to help them to succeed in the class and their career track.

PhD, Economics - Northern Illinois University
MS, Applied Economics - Northern Illinois University

Areas of Specialization
Economic Development

Courses Taught
Principles of Economics
Principles of Finance
Advanced Corporate Finance
General Statistics
Business Statistics

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Do Cases Enhance Learning in Principles of Economics? MBAA International Conference, Chicago,  2013.
Employers Wellness Programs in the Greater Aurora Area, MBAA International Conference, Chicago,  2013.
Nutritional Provision in the Aurora Area: A Community Participatory Effort, MBAA International Conference Chicago, 2012.  Copresenter. Received the best paper award for the Healthcare Education Track.
Interdisciplinary Travel Study, Marketing Management Association Conference, 2009, Chicago, Illinois. Coauthored. Peer reviewed and published in Conference Proceedings.
The Effective Use of Power Point in the Classroom, Teaching Economics: Instruction and classroom Based Research, 19th Annual Conference 2008, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
The Growing Importance of Remittances in Nicaragua, International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference, 2008, Dallas, Texas. Peer reviewed and published in Conference Proceedings.

Vernon Haas Endowed Chair, Dunham School of Business, 2007-2011
Tony Olenjik Leadership Award recipient, Aurora University, 2007
Women of Distinction in Education, YWCA 2008

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Aurora Finance Club
Faculty Sponsor, 2012-present
Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society Faculty Sponsor, 2004-present
Dunham Scholar Professor, 2002-present