Major Requirements - English

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Core Requirements: 20 semester hours

  • ENG2200 The Novel or ENG2240 Poetry (4)
  • ENG3320 American Literature: Puritanism-1865; ENG3350 American Literature: 1865-1945 or ENG3370 American Literature: 1945-Present (4)
  • ENG3400 British Literature: Anglo-Saxons-The Renaissance; ENG3420 British Literature: The Renaissance-The Romantics; ENG3440 British Literature: The Romantics-The Modernists or ENG3460 British Literature: The Modernists-The Present (4)
  • ENG3200 Comparative Literature, ENG3500 Contemporary World Literature; ENG 3510 Gender and Literature or ENG3520 Racial and Ethnic Themes in Literature (4)
  • ENG4990 Seminar in English (4)

English majors will also select one of two tracks within the program to complete requirements for the degree.

General Studies Emphasis: 20 semester hours

  • One language course (4):
    ENG2100 Linguistics; ENG3100 Stylistics; or ENG3550 Language, Literacy and Cognition
  • One writing course (4): 
    ENG2060 Introduction to Creative Writing, ENG2400 Grammar and Composition for Teachers or ENG3020 Advanced Academic Writing
  • One course in literary criticism (4):
    ENG2260 Critical Approaches to Literature
  • Eight additional hours of ENG courses, excluding ENG1000 and ENG/EDU3180

Secondary Education Licensure Emphasis: 22 semester hours

  • COM1550 Professional Communication (4)
  • ENG2260 Critical Approaches to Literature (4)
  • ENG2400 Grammar and Composition for Teachers (4)
  • ENG3190 Multicultural Young Adult Literature (2)
  • ENG3550 Language, Literacy and Cognition (4)
  • ENG3820 Secondary Methods in English (4)

Note: Secondary Education candidates will also complete the supplemental major in secondary education.