Elementary Education (BA)

Complete your bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at AU Woodstock Center.

Our Elementary Education “2+2” transfer program provides a pathway for aspiring educators who complete required prerequisite courses at a community college or another institution and transfer to AU Woodstock Center to complete the courses necessary for a Professional Educator License (PEL) for Grades 1-6.

What do I need prior to transferring to AU Woodstock Center?
  • Have your transcripts reviewed to determine what prerequisites have been met by previous coursework.
  • Follow the recommended Elementary Education Transfer Guides for the smoothest transfer experience to AU Woodstock Center.
  • Update the staff at AU Woodstock Center on your progress as you complete prerequisite courses toward the bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

Program quick facts
  • Program length: 60 semester hours of coursework, including 16 weeks of student teaching during the final semester.
  • Program structure: All courses, with the exception of student teaching, are delivered in a cohort format meeting one night per week. 
  • Tuition: View current rates

Additional endorsements

Once you hold a PEL, you can add additional content area endorsements at any grade level even if the underlying teaching endorsement is a different grade range. The PEL serves as a foundation to which any teaching endorsement can be added after applicable coursework and testing are completed.

BA in Elementary Education students will complete three of the six required courses necessary to receive an ESL/Bilingual Endorsement. The additional required courses can be taken at AU Woodstock Center.

Career possibilities

  • Child life specialist
  • Educational materials salesperson
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Grant writer
  • Human resource specialist
  • Nonformal educator (museums, zoos, nature centers)
  • Resource teacher

Career options with additional education

  • College/university instructor
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Guidance counselor
  • Librarian
  • School administrator
  • School psychologist
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Special education administrator
  • Speech pathologist
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselor