Major Requirements - Criminal Justice

These requirements will be applied to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Total Criminal Justice Major Requirements: 40 semester hours 

Required Courses: 28 semester hours
CRJ1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice System (4)
CRJ2150 Correctional Services (4)
CRJ/SOC2300 Criminology (4)
CRJ2420 Criminal Law (4)
CRJ2500 Policing America (4)
CRJ3610 Research Methods (4)
CRJ4800 Strategic Planning and Ethics (4)

Selected Courses: Choose 12 semester hours including at least 8 semester hours at the 3000-level or higher.
CRJ2210 Courts and Justice (4)
CRJ2310 Juvenile Justice (4)
CRJ2400 Principles of Emergency Management (4)
CRJ2810/3810/4810 Selected Topics (4)
CRJ3010 International Crime and Justice (4)
CRJ3100 Security Leadership (4)
CRJ3150 Probation and Parole (4)
CRJ/PSC3180 Constitutional Law and the Judicial System (4)
CRJ3200 Homeland Security (4)
CRJ3300 Criminal Investigation (4)
CRJ3310 Forensic Science (4)
CRJ3350 Terrorism and Counterterrorism (4)
CRJ3400 Criminal Evidence and Procedure (4)
CRJ3500 Organized Crime (4)
CRJ3550 Cyber Crime Investigations (4)
CRJ3700 Forensic Investigation of Child Abuse and Neglect (4)
CRJ3710 Serial and Mass Murder (4)
CRJ3720 Criminal Profiling (4)
CRJ4200 Administration of Criminal Justice Agencies (4)
CRJ4400 Introduction to Intelligence Policy (4)
CRJ4940 Criminal Justice Internship (4–12)