Brandon R. Kooi, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justicekooi

Office Location: Dunham Hall, Room 226
Telephone: 630-844-4236
Fax: 630-844-7830
E-mail Address:

Brandon Kooi began teaching in the criminal justice program at AU in January 2007. Prior to coming to AU, Dr. Kooi directed the criminal justice program for Lakeland College. Outside of academics his practitioner experience has included the following — consultant with the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing; security executive for the Target Corporation; criminal investigator for the Washington, D.C. Public Defender Service; law clerk for the Cook County night narcotics court; and youth crisis interventionist. Dr. Kooi received his doctorate degree from the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University where he collaborated with a number of police departments and wrote a dissertation analyzing the connection of bus stop locations and crime.        

BS Illinois State University
MS Illinois State University
PhD Michigan State University

Areas of Specialization
Police leadership
Community justice
Crime mapping
Environmental criminology

Courses Taught
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Policing America
Police Management
IDS Culture/Diversity
Strategic Planning/Ethics
Private Security Leadership
Social Psychology

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions

Kooi, Brandon R. (2007). Policing Public Transportation. New York, NY: LFB Publishing.

Kooi, Brandon R. (2015). Security at hot spot bus stops. Journal of Applied Security Research: An International Journal of Police - Security Operations & Practices. (Accepted and forthcoming).

Hinduja, Sameer and Kooi, Brandon (2013). Curtailing information security vulnerabilities through situational crime prevention. Security Journal: Special Issue. 26(4): 383-402.

Kooi, Brandon R. (2013). Measuring the impact of bus stop locations on crime. Crime Prevention and Community Safety: An International Journal. 15(2): 81-105.

Kooi, Brandon R. and Justin Patchin (2008). Neighborhood disorder in a moderately sized city: An SEM analysis of collective efficacy.  Criminal Justice Studies. 21(4): 325-340.

Kooi, Brandon R. and Sameer Hindju (2008). Teaching private security experientially. Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 19(2): 290-307.

Kooi, Brandon R. (2008). Online education and the working professional: A university's responsibility? Journal of Applied Security. 3(3-4): 407-428.

Government Publication
Kooi, Brandon R. (2010). Theft of Scrap Metal. Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Problem-Specific Guides Series. Community Oriented Policing Services: U.S. Department of Justice. No. 58.

Book Chapter
Kooi, Brandon R. (2009). Sudan in Crime and Punishment in Africa. (Eds., Mahesh Nalla & Grame Newman). Greenwood Publishers: Westport, CT.

Book Reviews
Kooi, Brandon R. (2010). Review of Problem-Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention (2nd Edition) by Anthony A. Braga. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press: Policing: An International Journal of Policing Strategies & Management. 32(4): 806-808.

Kooi, Brandon R. (2002). Review of Policing: A Short History by Philip Rawlings. Portland: Willan Publishing: International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice . 26(2): 232-235.

Kooi, Brandon (2014). "Aurora University Professor Brings Problem-Oriented Strategy and Advocacy for Professionalism to Policing." Illinois COPS. April.

Kooi, Brandon R. (2012). "Trash Talking: Time to Scrap Reactive Legislation." Waste Management World – Official Publication of International Solid Waste Association (July/August): 30-31.  

Kooi, Brandon R. and Nalla, Mahesh K. (2002). "Helping students take to security courses post 9/11." Security Management 46 (9): 18.  

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Faculty Advisor, Alpha Phi Sigma (National Criminal Justice Honor’s Society) 
Academic Standards Committee

Faculty Affairs Committee
Campus Violence Prevention Committee


2013 Problem-Oriented Policing – Herman Goldstein Award finalist, presented for competition at the POP international policing conference with the Aurora Police Department.

2010 American Criminal Justice Association - Earl Warren Award, presented to faculty advisor with significant academic accomplishment

2006 Wisconsin Association for Community Policing- Sir Robert Peel Award, presented for the most innovative use of community resources

2005 Problem-Oriented Policing- Herman Goldstein Award finalist, presented for competition at the POP international policing conference with the Sheboygan Police Department.


2016-2015 External Reviewer, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire undergraduate criminal justice program

2015-2014 Chair: Committee for Illinois Problem-Oriented Policing Conference.     Coordinated several conference calls/meetings and worked with multiple departments to present and evaluate problem-oriented policing initiatives at the inaugural state-wide Illinois Problem-Oriented Policing conference. External presenters included CNA Corporation’s Safety and Security research division, Newport News and the Houston Police Departments.

2015-2014 Faculty Advisor for Alpha Phi Sigma (National Criminal Justice Honors Society) – Eta Delta Chapter (revised)

2015-2014 Thesis Chair (Michelle Halbesma) – Kane County Second Chance Court Diversion Assessment

2015-2013 Faculty Affairs Committee, Aurora University

2015-2013 Manuscript Reviewer: European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

2015-2013 Manuscript Reviewers: Journal of Crime Prevention and Community Safety

2015-2012 Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Crime and Justice

2015-2008 Editorial Board: Journal of Applied Security Research

2014-2013 Past President, Midwest Criminal Justice Association

2014-2013 External Reviewer, Governor’s State University undergraduate criminal justice program

2014-2012 Advisory Board, Governor’s State University criminal justice program

2013-2012 President, Midwest Criminal Justice Association (coordinated career/graduate fair)

2012 Manuscript Reviewer for Archbold, Carol (2013). Policing: A Text Reader. Sage Publishing.

2012 Manuscript Reviewer: Justice Research and Policy

2012 Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Criminal Justice Education

2012-2011 Elected 2nd Vice President of Midwestern Criminal Justice Association

2011 Manuscript Review for Humphrey, John & Schmalleger, Frank (2012). Law and Society: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

2011 Manuscript Review for Owen, Stephen (2012). Foundations of Criminal Justice: Oxford Press

2011 Manuscript Review for Mair, George & Millings, Matthew (2012). Doing Justice Locally: Community Justice in the UK: Routledge Publishing

2011 Manuscript Review for Schmalleger, Frank. (2012). Criminology: A Brief Introduction: Pearson Higher Education Publishing

2011 Manuscript Review for Archbold, Carol (2012). Introduction to Policing: A Text/Reader: Sage Publishing

2011-2010 Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Criminal Justice

2011-2008 Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

2011-2003 Manuscript Reviewer: International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice Research

2009 Manuscript Reviewer for Kennedy, David (2010) Deterrence and Crime Prevention: Reconsidering the prospect of sanction: Routledge Publishing: Studies in Crime and Economics

2010-2009 Led Aurora University Online Task Force for training faculty on use of hybrid learning models and online education

2009-2008 Led two Department of Justice (Office of Community-Oriented Policing) conferences calls speaking to a national audience about the problem of metal theft

2009-2008 Online Task Force listening sessions, Aurora University

2012-2008 Criminal Justice Program Chair, Aurora University