Wotaka Kajjumba, MSc

Wotaka KajjumbaLecturer of Computer Science

Office Location: Institute for Collaboration 328 
Phone Number: 630-844-5682
Email Address: wkajjumba@aurora.edu

Teaching Philosophy
A belief and commitment to participatory and alternative means of learning motivates me to teach. These principles guide me in the quest to connect the class material with my students and encourage them to get engaged. Partly through lectures and partly through hands-on labs, participatory learning encourages students’ ownership of their learning. Getting my students involved in their learning, I implement a hands-on or “short” lab session every class meeting.

MSc, Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska
BSc, Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska
AAS, ITT Tech Institute, Omaha, Nebraska

CompTIA Security+

Areas of Specialization
Application Integration - MVC, DRY

Courses Taught
C++ for Java Developers
Data Structures & Algorithms
Operating Systems
Computer Security
Advance Programming - Java
Artificial Intelligence
Database Design and Implementation
Foundations of Algebra
College Algebra