Major Requirements - Computer Science

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Required Mathematics Courses: 12 semester hours
MTH2210 Calculus I (4)
MTH2220 Calculus II (4)
MTH3270 Discrete Mathematics (4) 

Required Computer Science Courses: 32 semester hours
CSC1700 Introduction to Computer Programming (4)
CSC2200 Web Application Development (4)
CSC2300 Computer Architecture (4)
CSC2650 Data Structures and Algorithms (4)
CSC3610 Advanced Programming (4)
CSC4350 Software Engineering (4)
CSC4500 Database Design and Implementation (4)
CSC4990 Computer Science Capstone (4)

Selected Computer Science Courses: Choose 8 semester hours from the following:
CSC2400 C++ for Java Developers (4)
CSC2550 Network Communications (4)
CSC3100 Operating Systems (4)
CSC3200 UNIX/LINUX Administration (4)
CSC3400 Computer Security (4)
CSC3700 Advanced Web Application Development (4)
CSC3800 Artificial Intelligence (4)
CSC3850 Introduction to Robotics (4)
CSC3810, 4810 Selected Topic in Computer Science (1-4)
CSC3830, 4830 Directed Study (1–4)
CSC4100 Systems Analysis and Design (4)
CSC4210 Introduction to Mobile Application Development (4)
CSC4940 Computer Science Internship (1–4)

Other Required Course:
COM1550 Professional Communication (4)