Minor Requirements — Biology

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2018-2019 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

20 semester hours

Required Courses: 8 semester hours
BIO1210/1210Z Biology of Cells/Biology of Cells Laboratory (3/1)
BIO1310 Biology of Cells for Nursing (4)
BIO1220/1220Z Biology of Organisms/Biology of Organisms Laboratory (3/1)

Selected Courses: Minimum of three courses (12 semester hours)
BIO2280 Microbiology (4)
BIO2300/Z Introduction to Zoology and Lab (3/1)
BIO2350/Z Introduction to Botany and Lab (3/1)
BIO3150 Invertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3250 Vertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3260 Systematic Botany (4)
BIO3400 Genetics (4)
BIO3510 Ecology (4)
BIO3530 Evolution (4)
BIO3540 Biological Anthropology (4)
BIO3600 Molecular Biology (4)