Julie Adams, PhD

Associate Professor

Office Location: Stephens Hall 217A
Phone: 630-844-6167
Fax: 630-844-3852
Email Address: jadams@aurora.edu

Small little creatures all slimy and squirmy; creepy critters from lobsters to wormies; insects that jump or that fly with their wings - these are a few of my favorite things. My research interest is in the field of invertebrate zoology, more specifically, in the enormous range of interesting behaviors that invertebrates use in their daily lives. While an undergraduate majoring in ecology, ethology (animal behavior), and evolution, my research focus was on the feeding habits of fish and how their feeding behavior changed with development. As a graduate student, my focus shifted to the chemosensory behavior of crayfish – beginning with their ability to recognize the body condition of individuals, and later on exploring how crayfish food choices may change in an elevated CO2 world, and how this could impact the aquatic ecosystems in which they live.

I became a professor because I wanted to reach students – to engage them and make them as interested in biology as I was. I remain a professor because I still have that goal, and encourage students to take what they learn in my courses and apply it to not only other courses they will take while at AU, but to their lives after college as well. I aim to give students knowledge that will allow them success in the field of their choice, but also to become educated, thoughtful, and reflective citizens. Through them, I hope to affect a positive change in the world.


Ph.D. - Bowling Green State University
B.S. - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Areas of Specialization

Invertebrate Zoology
Aquatic Ecology
Animal Behavior

Courses Taught

Biology of Cells
Biology of Organisms
Invertebrate Biology
Animal Behavior
Research and Writing in the Natural Sciences
Senior Capstone in the Natural Sciences 

Selected Publications

Fuelling L.J., Adams J.A., Badik K., Bixby R.J., Caprette C.L., Caprette H.E., Chiasson W.B., Davies C.L., Hall M.M., Perry W.L., Shultz E.R., Taylor D.A., Morgan L.V., and Verb R.G. (In Press). An unusual occurrence of Thorea hispida (Thore) Desvaux chantransia on rusty crayfish in West Central Ohio. Nova Hedwigia.

Adams J.A., Pecor K., and Moore P.A. 2009. Dissolved organic matter from elevated-CO2 detritus and its impact on the orientation of crayfish (Orconectes virilis) to a fish food source. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28: 638-648.

Galarowicz T.L., Adams J.A., and Wahl D.H. 2007. The influence of prey availability on ontogenetic diet shifts of a juvenile piscivore. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 63: 1722-1733.

Adams J.A., Tuchman N.C., and Moore P.A. 2005. Effects of CO2-altered detritus on growth and chemically mediated decisions in crayfish (Procambarus clarkii). Journal of the North American Benthological Society 24: 330-345.

Adams J.A. and Moore P.A. 2003. Attraction of male crayfish, Orconectes rusticus, to conspecific male molt odor signals. Journal of Crustacean Biology 23: 7-14.

Adams J.A., Tuchman N.C., and Moore P.A. 2003. Atmospheric CO2 enrichment alters the chemical quality of leaf detritus: Impacts on foraging decisions of crayfish (Orconectes virilis). Journal of the North American Benthological Society  22: 410-422.

Professional Societies

Member, Illinois State Academy of Science
Member, Animal Behavior Society
Member, North American Benthological Society

Highlights of Honors and Awards

Honorary Faculty Inductee of Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honorary at AU), 2011
Faculty Advisor for Mortar Board (ONU), 2008
Mortar Board Favorite Professor (ONU), 2007, 2008
Nominated as the Arts and Sciences Professor of the Year (ONU), 2007
NSF IGERT/BART (Interdisciplinary Graduate Experience and Research Training/Biosphere-Atmosphere Research Training) Fellowship, University of Michigan Biological Station.  Effect of high CO2 detritus on growth rates and food preference of benthic stream crustaceans (tuition, $18,000 stipend for 2 years, $7500 research over 2 years). Granted. 2001-2003.

Highlights of Campus Involvement

Chair of Biology Department
Biology Representative on CCSP (Council on Certification for Secondary Education)
Faculty Advisor, EcoClub
Program Coordinator, Amazing Science Summer Camp (middle-school)