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Outreach Programming

We seek to meet the needs of the community through accessible educational and engagement opportunities by providing innovative learning venues.

Summer 2018 Courses

STEM Programming Opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Michael J. Birck Innovation Engineering Program for High School Students
Students participating in these courses work directly with faculty and community professionals within a multi-generational learning environment to receive two undergraduate credits for each course that is successfully completed. The goals of the Birck Innovation Engineering Program are for students to be equipped with design content, interpersonal skills, an awareness of STEM careers, and industrial experiences. Through hands-on, “real-world” projects, students learn concepts and processes that are common in current design and engineering practice, and develop the interpersonal and communication skills that are required in today’s business world.

Four immersion course experiences to be offered Summer 2018:

Immersion STEM Camp Experiences for High School Students
Come and encounter a week of academic excellence, foster lifelong friendships, learn key STEM principles, and experience the campus of Aurora University.

Gain a competitive edge! Prepare for college and earn 1 credit hour of transferable university credit through participation in one of these high level academic summer camps.

Immersion camp experience for Summer 2018:

  • Design It! - An Immersion Experience in Engineering Design Principles (Woodstock campus) (1 undergraduate credit)
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  • Medical Mysteries…Make Your Rounds! (1 undergraduate credit)
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  • To Raspberry Pi…and Beyond - A Computer Coding Experience (1 undergraduate credit)
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  • Solve it! - Forensic Science Investigations (1 undergraduate credit)
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STEM Camp Experiences for Middle School Students
If you are interested in science, engineering, mathematics, or technology then one of these camps is for you! Explore the world of computer coding or unlock the mysteries of roller coaster physics and discover how they are designed.

Immersion camp experience for Summer 2018: